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    i’m only 15 yrs. old and my and my boyfriend had sex on 3 days ago. he kept complaining about the condom being to tight and told me the next day that when he found the condom it had a BIG hole in it. I told him that my stomach was hurting a day and a half. But he talk to an a women and she told him that my stomach propapbly hurts because he was hitting my bladder wall and might start a bladder infection when I get older. I a kinda sure that my breast is not tender and my period his came on yet cause it’s not time for it to come on. But to tell you the truth I am VERY scared of the whole thing I don’t won’t to get a abortion if I am preganant like he wants me to because it’s not the baby’s fault so I’m not going to kill it and I am to young to have a child and am still trying to take care of my self. So can you please tell me what to do because you are the only person I could go to right know it seems like know one would understand what am going through right know. Because I don’t know if it’s to early to take a pregancy test at a store.


    Treacie :unsure:

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