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      Hi , Whats up anyway a friend directed me to this site because I first was on babynamesworld and the people there just judged me cuz i’m 4 about to be 5 months pregnant and i’m only 13 . They were telling me to get an abortion and I shouldn’t been having sex! But it was a mistake I never meant for it to happen . My mom and I are talking again a lil bit now , But I don’t know if my bf is gonna help me out because it’s not his child . My son father is 20 and he’s in jail right now so I don’t know what to do . I don’t wanna give it up for adoption or get an abortion . I wanna keep my baby so bad !! and they are gonna make me keep it . I wanna be a good mother . I’m 13 what can I really offer my baby right now?? I can’t get a job . So what am I gonna do :ohmy: I just need some advice right now


        Hi spongebob505,
        It must really be hard for you especially being 13. Things happen for a reason and what wont kill you will only make you stronger. You will be a good mother and if it is set in your mind to keep your baby then keep it and dont let anybody tell you different (mom,dad,friend,etc.). I love you and God loves you and your baby. He loves your 20 year old boy friend too! May God bless you on your journey through life, trust in him and he will show you the path to righteousness. You can take your case to the certain places were they wont punish your boyfriend but will help you finacially, etc.


          I think the most important thaing for you to do is to stay in school as long as you can because you are going to need it. Next you need to sing up for WIC, Women and Children, it is a program that will give you nutrtional food for yu and after your baby is born food and formula. You will be eligible for the program unitl the baby is 5 years old. Next oone you turn 15 go to the court house and sign up for a work permit. That will allow you to work a couple hours a day to support your child. Remember that your baby is not a mistake so do not let people put that in your head. That child was made for a reason, so do not feel ashamed. Do not let people put you down. Well I wish you the best of luck.


            If you feel the right thing to do is to keep your child then do it. I was pregnant when I was 16. I choose to keep my baby. She is now 6 she will be 7 in October. I tell you what I don’t know what life would be like without her. I was able to go to night school to finish school. I am now 23 and halfway through college with my Associates Degree. Trust me if this is something you want then do it. You will never know what type of mom you will be if you don’t raise your baby. If your parents don’t come around right now while you are pregnant give them time they will when the baby comes and they hold him/her for the first time. Just stand your ground on what you want. God will help you I promise.


              I’m sorry that you are in this situation. Now are your family members willing to help out so you can keep your baby? If not then you might have to put your son up for adoption. I know you want to keep your baby and I hope that you are able to keep him, but if you are not able to keep him then I don’t want you to see adoption as being a bad thing. What all girls/ women must realize is that when they are pregnant the well being of the child is now the top priority. So you have to ask yourself the tough questions, Am I going to be able to support my baby? Can I give him everything that he needs? Will he be better off if I put him up for adoption? You have to find the answers and then figure out what you are going to do. I am one of the older girls on the forum and I can honestly say that it takes more then just "will of mind" to keep a baby. I’m not, by all means, telling you to put your baby up for adoption, I’m telling you to put your " wants" aside and search for what is in the best interest for your son. You are very young, so it very well might be your son’s best interest to be adopted by a loving and financially stable family. I wish for the best for you and your son and please do not see adoption as a horrible option. Let us all know how you are doing, we are all here to support you. With much Love,

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