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      ok, i am a guy but in very urgent needs:( , my girl friend(17) and i have been dating for quite awhile and we started having sex — she’s on the pill but she didnt wont me to wear a condom… now we think she is pregnant;

      i need help, i love her more than life it’s self so i know at her age she is to young to be in this situation, and abortion is out of the question (we talked about it)

      …every since then she has been spotting, bloating, very irritable… you think you could help me out and give me some advice or some info on how to know for sure
      thank you

      princess Angela

        only true way you can know is to take a pregnancy test i recently had an abortion because my bf pressured me and it hurts so bad i am missin my baby an feel so empty without it it was apart of me so i am very glad abortion is out of the qus for you guys but no matter how old you are u can deal with it you just have to beleive in urself even on the hard days i hope that helped
        love angela


          First let me say how refreshing it is and encouraging to hear from the boyfriend who is supportive and has his girlfriend’s best interest at heart! You are the envy of a million girls! I am also happy to hear that abortion is not an option for you and your girlfriend. I do recommend that you have her take an over the counter pregnancy test and follow up with a doctor’s appointment. If the test is postive then celebrate… and take your time over the next 9 months planning for what will be best for you, your girlfriend and the baby…

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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