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    Megan Powers

    I came off Birth control 2 months ago. I’ve had normal periods since then. We’ve only used protection MAYBE 6 times in the past 2 months and now my period is 1 day late. I have felt sick for over a week now. and my boobs got sore and bigger like they do just before my period. I’ve felt so tired for about 1 week or so. I am also having cramps. They started around Friday ( March 7, 2008 ) and have gotten a little wore over the past 3 days but not extremly painful. It just feels like im fixing to start. I keep going to the bathroom thinking there is gonna be something there, but nope. The cramping comes and goes and is mostly in my lower back and legs, and sometimes in the front. Also my boobs are not that sore anymore. Only on the sides up towards my arm and my nipples. and still feel sick, slight head ach and tired.
    Has anyone every had this during early pregnancy? and how long should i wait before testing?

    Thanks for your help!

    PS. I know what days i should have ovulated on and we did it that whole intire week…lol!

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