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    i went to the dr yesterday for a check up from having mono. i saw on my blood work up results my hcg was 11.. what does that mean?
    if i WAS pregnant, would he have said something to me about it?

    Monica Rae

    hummm…..maybe we always have small amounts of it in us? But 11???? I’m confused. If you were they would have said something. Maybe you should go to the store and get a test. But wait a couple days because 11 miu’s won’t show up yet. Let me know what happens!

    Falon Twitchell

    Yes if you were pregnant the doctor would have told you. See we always have trace amount of hCG in our system due to the menstrual cycle. What happends is that once you ovulate and the egg is traveling down the fallopian tube the hCG in your system is maintaining the progesterone that is being produce by the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum is the " yellow body"cycst or little crater that is left behind from the egg bursting from the ovary at ovulation. Since the purpose of ovulation is to fertilize the egg your hCG rises just alittle bit just to keep the ovary/ corpus luteum producing progesterone to feed the possible fertilized egg. The hCG will keep rising to produce the progesterone to feed the fertilized egg untill the placenta is ready to take over as the main nourishment supply for the baby which happends during the 2nd trimester. If the egg is not fertilized then hCG will drop and the corpus luteum will stop producing progesterone and your boby then prepares for your period. You are not considered pregnant unless your hCG levels reads over 25ml and you only had 11ml so your fine and not pregnant. :cheer:

    Monica Rae

    wow. i never knew that before.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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