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      [b][i][u][color=#800080]Hi. A Few Of You Have Left Comments On My Page And I Haven Replied , Please Do’nt Think I’m Ignoring You All I’m Just Finding It So Hard To Talk To Anyone At The Moment.. Well As You Know Mine And My Boyfriends Family Are Forcing Abortion On Me .. I Went Too The First Appointment And My Mom Could See I Was Distressed And Simply Said You Know YOur Doing The Right Thing. I Felt So Alone.. They Made A Appointment For This Thurday To Carry Out A Surgical Abortion Because Im 10 Weeks..I Feel So Sad .. There Really Is Nothing I Can Do There Going Too Put Me Asleep And Take My Baby Away From Me .. My Dad Died A Little Over A Year Ago I Was A Daddys Girl So Therefore Am Not Close To My Mum ..She Has Already Said THat If I Carried On With The Pregnancy.. The Social Services Would Put Me In Care And Take My Child Away.. So What Can I Do?.. Im Not A Bad Person Am I ?.. I Dont Know What To Do With This Situation.. Thankyou For Your Help x

      Nicole. [/b][/i][/u][/color]


        Nicole – I’m Lisa and I am from the Stand Up Girl website. When I saw your e-mail I wanted to just run to you and to share with you the truth. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE THIS ABORTION. Nicole – this will destroy your relationship between you and your mom and life does not just ‘go on’ after abortion. Somehow, something changes inside of you. It did in me and I cannot get rid of it. It is a loneliness for that someone that you can never get back.

        Nicole – please, I’m going to give you a website and a toll free 800# where you can get in contact with a nearby center in your area. YOU CAN DO THIS NICOLE. And your mom, in the end, will be greatful! I know you are trying to please everyone around you right now. But in the meantime, you will allow this to destroy you … and your baby.

        Nicole – your baby, at 10 weeks, is completely formed and already has a heartbeat. Did you know that your baby can suck his/her thumb already and the sex of your baby is already determined. You are pregnant with a baby boy or a baby girl. Now if a baby sucks his/her thumb that is pleasurable to them. Right? Since they know pleasure, they also know pain and abortion is NOT painless. Please please Nicole – seek help from this site. You cannot be legally forced to have an abortion. This center can also help you find financial assistance, maybe even a place to stay for a time if you need it.

        Just check out this site or call this toll free 800#


        800-395-HELP (4357)

        Please let us know how you are. Remember – it’s all about being a Stand Up GIrl and you can do this! I know you can. We will Stand with you Nicole.

        Luv Lisa


          hey nicole….PLEASE DO NOT GET AN ABORTION…trust me you will regret it…especially when u see other people with their babies or when u see a pregnant person….i kno how u feel write now and i have been through it but unlike u i didnt have this site at the time and i didnt have any source of support….well heres my story and i hope it helps u…

          hi im santanah,in march of 2006 i found out i was 5 weeks pregnant..this was three weeks after my 15th bday…i told me cousin first and automatically she said abortion at the time i wasnt sure so i told her yea and then a week before i was scheduled to get it i finall y spoke out that i i didnt want to ..i was crying and everything and my mom was crying at that time i didnt really know how many things i could have done to keep my baby…my boyfriend wanted me to keep..so i was stuck..so i went along with them(my cousin and mom) and had the abortion in april…i was so depressed i was crying everyday..then the doctors put me on birth control and on may26 i switch from the pills to the shot and at that time they took a pregnancy test and it came out negative so the went ahead and gave me the shot….i was schedule for another shot on august1 but in july i felt tired and i had to pee alot…so i took a hoime test and it came out POSITIVE..omg…my boyfriend and i were so shocked but i kind of felt that i was so it was just like wow and once again he wanted me to keep it and i did too so much because the first abortion was horrible and i didnt want to feel that way again so i went in on the 1st and they told me i was 12 weeks then they told me to make prenatal appointment so i did and they took a ultra sound and everything when i saw it moving i felt like crying i felt so connected to it…then she told i wasnt 12 weeks i was 15 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS…wow and the next week i would find out if it was a boy or girl..wowww…but then of course i told my mom and she said that i have to get an abortion…i cried …i prayed i was even ready to move out and since my boyfriend was 18 he could have rent a room …i was determined not to have an abortion…but then they started telling me how his mother is going to hate me..how he is going to hate me and other things…until i finally gave in …..i cried and cried..ever since that i just dont talk to my mom really ..she tries to talk to me but i feel as though i cant trust her and i cant believe she made me kill my baby….its around 5 months later and i still cry when i see pregnant people or babies..and tomorrow which is jan.31 would have been my due date……all i can say to those teens who are pregnant as long as you have a plan and you thing you can handle it DONT GET AN ABORTION..TRUST ME ITS ONE OF THE WORST THINGS YOU CAN DO…



            I am so sad….:(
            I wish so badly that you will keep this baby!
            hang in there, we are all here for you and support you whatever happens!!

            Love, Jessica


              Well just my experience, my abortion was forced and they got me at my worst possible low. I felt it in my gut, tried figting it but the boyfriend at the time set up a appiontment. Now 6 months later i feel horrible. I would have close to a 2 month old little girl by now. Stand up, if you dont wanna do it, dont. ITs eesentially your choice. My mother was asking me for months if i was pregnants and when i went to the hospital they showed her blood results. No matter what there is always gonna be a rough patch with your parents. State custody I just got out. I was there since i was 6 months old. My sister who got pregnant and in custody was put in a christian home, had the kid and with that time our mother had enough time to shape up. YOur parent and you have to show youre responsible and can do this. Then again i cant tell how much state custody is on ya. I helped all i could.

              Cadet Salyer


                Hey if you dont want to do it dont! This is YOUR baby not your moms. In a way I no how u feel a lil wile ago I thought I was prego and my mom told me if I was that I had to give the baby up no matter how I felt. I was so mad at her for tellin me I HAD to do that that I told her that if I was prego I wasnt givin my baby up I was goin to move out if I had to. so if you dont want to dont.

                What does your babys dady think?

                If you ever want to talk to some1 you can always talk to me


                  Lisa is right. that baby is so precious, no one can make you take it’s life! and social services can’t just take your baby. it seems like there would be a place that helps teen mothers and their children.


                    Just remember hun, you don’t simply have TWO options there is THREE readily available options for you. You have the option of Keeping the baby, Aborting the baby and putting the baby up for ADOPTION! Explain this to your Mother and the Father’s family. It is a win win situation for both you AND the baby! There are some couples (with homes, cars and financial stability) that are so sad because they cannot have a child of their own, you can offer that life to both them AND your baby. This does not simply have to be a live or die situation. You can put the baby up for adoption and move on with your life until you are ready to have one. Do not kill a perfectly healthy, very much alive baby….I couldn’t. Even then if your Mom still does not agree with your choice to put it up for adoption you sincerely need to think in your, AND THE BABY’S, best interest. Do it for yourself, and do it for your unborn child. Give another family a chance, and the baby.

                    You really can help instead of hurt and that should be so much more rewarding, but after all that, believe in yourself and the answer for what is right FOR you will come. The decision is your’s choose wisely because you only get too once. Good luck hun.


                      I read your post and it really broke my heart. You do not have to do anything that you dont want to. Nobody is going to take your baby away as long as you do not give them a reason too…I may be too late, but I just wanted an update on what has happend and what you decided to do. Stay strong!


                        Hopefully you didn’t let your mum get her way. I hate hearing about parents pushing kids into things they don’t wanna do especially toying with life.
                        Are you still around?

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