has anyone?

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    Yes, I know exactly what you mean.
    But here is the thing; YOU are the ONLY person that can make any decisions in your life. Your decisions won’t effect anyone but you and your baby. So if you know that you need to give up your baby so that it can have a good life, or if you are not able to take care of it, than don’t be convinced by anyone to do something other than what you know you should do.
    So make your decision and hold to it! 🙂


    im gonna give her up.
    cuz i knoiw i cant tak ecare of a baby right now with school and everythin else in my life and i know she will have a better life if i just give her up.


    well to day is gonna suck its been a year since my bestfriend died and everyone is gonna be talkin about it askin me if im ok uhhh i miss him soo much.
    life just sucks right now.

    and i have to go to the doctor 2day, the baby is 28 weeks.


    iam 31weeks and 3days it went by fast but so much drama in the 31 weeks.
    and 60 more days im happy i decided to have her.


    Wow, 31 weeks? 🙂 that’s great!
    I’m really glad that you are committed to doing what is best for your baby even if it means giving her up. You are a real Stand Up Girl! 😉
    I was really sorry to hear that your best friend died last year! Are you doing ok?


    kinda but i just wish he was here to help me through this. but i guess things happen for a reason even if i dont know what that reason is.
    and im happy for yew 2.


    Yeah 🙁 the only friend I ever had die was an older lady and I didn’t know her for very long but it was still hard.
    How did he die?


    he was shot in a drive by visting a friend.


    iam do in a month. omg it went by so fast.


    Wow, only a month? that’s amazing! I hope that everything goes good for you!
    How are you doing?


    im doin good. i cant wait till shes finally here.


    🙂 have u thought of any names yet?

    best of luck

    -Enya <3


    no cuz its not gonna be my baby im doin adoption.
    but i cant wait till i see he cute little face.


    yea mym ex tried too get me to have sex with him a couple of times when he was drunk by forcing himself on me, lucky im quite fiesty coz i screamed and kicked him and stuff till he stopped, weird but i never actually thought of it as him trying to rape me till i broke up with him, i didnt think of it that way because he was my bf.

    and hey if you are afraid to break up with him, then u really need to break up. it may be a hard thing to do but think of you and your baby in the long run.


    awww you seem very excited and to have to hand her over will devastate you. Will your parents help you out in the care of her?


    idk i realy wonna keep her but idk.
    its just hard to explain my mom was tlkin bout it with me and i told her she said that she would help me out but like im still thinkin bout it and the lady had tlk bout everythin aand she said if i changed my mind shed understand.


    thats excellant that the option is still there for you. Your mum seems like she wants this too. Grandparents fall in love once they meet their grandhchild. I hope it works out for you.


    Hey hun how far along are you now? I agree with what Kez said, I think you should spend some time asking God what the right thing to do is. Imagine when you see your little baby’s face! and it sounds like your parents wanna be grandparents too. your lucky they’re so supportive!! Many young mom’s go on to lead happy successful lives with their children =) im here if u ever need to talk, best of luck!!



    Just remember to make the best decision for you AND the baby! And whatever you decide, make sure that you really stick with it and don’t let yourself think “what if” after the fact!
    I hope that you are doing well!

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