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    hey guys im jess n im 19, been reading all of your posts and i want you to know its ok to be scared, i was too. But my situation was a bit different. On the (th sept i was rushed into hosp with bad back n stomach pains only to be told i was in labour and 7cm dilated! of course i was shocked n so were my parents, but they promised to stand by me no matter what. And on 10th sept at 4.46am i gave birth to my beautiful daughter, thea leanne. I guess i didnt have time to worry bout things, suddenly i was a mum! But the moment i held her for the first time, i realised how much love i had for her, it was unbelievable.

    It wasnt until the next day i plucked up the courage to tell my bf. i expected him to leave me but he didnt, n now we are the happiest lil family ever.

    basically, no matter how much you worry, things will probably not be as bad as you expect. dont assume ur parents will kill you, many parents will change their mindfs when they see scans…or in my case see their grandchild!

    good luck to all of you, i hope things work out for u like they did for me. if anyone wants to chat bout things or ask any qs bout childbirth n lil babies,

    jess x

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    shawna butt

    Hi! Congrats on your lil baby! Did you not know that you were pregnant ???:ohmy:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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