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    My friend was talking to me and wanted to set me up with this guy, So she hooked me up and I happend to really like him, he was sweeter to me then all the other guys I had ever dated. Even though he was 19 and already had a 2 year old….We got really close. Well one thing led to another and we had sex a couple times. But he was still treating me like I was his everything. Well then about 2 weeks ago I find out that I’m pregnant. So of course I tell him. And the first thing he tells me is to drink hot coke and asprin to kill it!! I told him no of course and then he said well I dont need another kid in my life. I have enough stress. So I dont want to be a part of the baby’s life. I’ll send you all the money you need but you’ll never see me again. And just as fast as he came into my life he is gone. Not only gone… COMPLETLY out of the state. So here I am about to be 17 a senior in high school, plans for college, but pregnant for some guys baby who could care less about me. I don’t know what to do. My parents dont even know yet. Just when I think I can trust a guy a little bit… this happens. Welcome to my life.

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    First off congrats on your pregnancy. Sorry your childs father is a jerk but dont let it get you down. First things first you’ve got to tell your parents, you can only hide it for so long, better to tell them sooner than later. Second consider having the baby I know its scary right now but please believe me when I say it will be ok. Maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but you will be fine. Dont let that idiot ruin the beautiful blessing that you’ve been given. Good luck. 😉


    I’m sorry to hear that the father acted like such a jerk! Check out the help links on this site or contact your local birthright or crisis pregnancy center and they should be able to help you. It may be hard to tell your parents but the pregnancy will be better if you have support. Good luck.


    I’m sorry that he treated you like that. All I can say is, stay strong, and you and your baby will pull through and be stronger and happier because of it. Your bond with your baby will be so strong, that you’ll almost forget he even existed. Be happy, you have a miracle that will bring you a whole new world of love and happiness.

    Good luck,

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