Girls just let me rant

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    I don’t know if anyone will reply, but if you have good advice please feel free to reply.
    I’m just going to have a rant. One of my best freinds just left me — he told me he can’t be my friend anymore because he loved me and I didn’t answer his love, and then what I ddi afterwards — and I don’t blame him.
    I have spent the whole night crying non-stop, I didn’t know I had so many tears in me. It’s nearly morning, my son will wake in an hour, so I can’t call any of my friends, plus, it’s easier over the net, I’m just ranting to the internet in a way….
    I cried non-stop that I had lost his friednship. But what feels worse is that isn’t what mattered to me most.
    What I cried most about was the secrets he told me before he sadi goodbye i love you but this is our final goodbye to me. It’s got to do with my son’s father’s mate, and how I messed aroudn with him. Being my neighbour, once we discovered we lived near each other, no matter our relation, we hit it off. I guess I wasn’t in a relationship but we did the dirty a few times. I fell in love with him wihtout even admitting it to myself. Point is, actually it’s only tonight I figured it out, after my friend told me that he had told him that I was HIS — that is, DOn’t TOUCH her, I like her. I nearly vomited. That is what hurts the most — I’d kicked him out of my house when I decided to be celibate and he kept on wanting to kiss me all the time, and here I was confronted with the fact that he wasn’t just using me.
    I’m dating another guy right now. I have a problem staying faithful; it’s become a pathology, and that’s why I stayed single for so long.
    I’m so scared I’ll make the same mistakes with the this guy again.
    I can’t seem to let my neighbour go…I only realised that, I cried my eyes out not so much that I HAD LOST A BEST FREIND but HOW MY NIEGHOBUR FELT ABOUT ME HOW CAN THAT BE?!?!?! Selfish. I can’t seem to let him go, nor my son’s father, who was my first love.
    I don’t want to hurt this new guy I’m dating. I have the biggest phobia of getting hurt again.
    That’s my rant. I’m gonna go have a shower now, looks like tonight is full of tears and sufficiently no sleep.:blink:


    ive never been in that situation but i just read the other day about another girl on here that had 2 lovers and she didnt know which one to pick. Best advice i saw was stick with the new guy and forget about the past if that makes sence.. i hope you work it out. sorry im not much help here=(


    hun u have to go with what ur heart tells u. not with what u think is right..if ur in love w ur neighbor let him know that and if u want to be with him then be with him if not then let him go and try to find a new love. u have to go with your heart not what everybody else says..sit alone in a quiet area and listen to your heart..not your head your gut everybody else but YOUR HEART!!!!!!!good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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