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    Boys names: Ronnie Neal, Clarke Kale, Nash Curt
    Girls names:Faith Dru, Ellie Eden, Tess Shayna, and Blake Taylor
    The dad wont give a crap so whatever. But I am hoping it will be a boy. Lol
    Any thoughts?


    Nash is an awesome name for a boy 🙂 wish I’d though of that one.. for a girl, I quite like Blake.


    Ya I thought it was pretty good thanks. And Blake is a very pretty name for a girl. Some guy names are great for girls.!!!


    [size=4][color=#00FF00][center] I already have one baby and I named him Braxton Thomas Lynn Stockton, but if I ever have another boy my husband and I will name him Bentely Kadance Drew Stockton. If we have a girl we will name her Serenity RayeLynn Mae Stockton.


    What a precious boy!


    Omg!!!!!!!!!! Braxton is soooooooo beautiful. Congrats stockton


    Thank you!


    Very cute baby! 🙂

    I plan to name my daughter(s):

    Amaleah Jenavive (Uh-Maw-Lee-Uh)
    Khloe Mae

    I plan to name my son(s):

    Ayden, Jayden, or Liam


    My bf and I like
    Boy: Santiago adrian
    Girl: Vienna

    We are expecting but don’t know the sex yet. I love both names but i always had the thought of having a boy first, so he can protect the younger sister 😉 hehe


    hes gorgeous!:) congrats


    Not planning on any for a long time, but me and my boyfriend both like:
    girl – Hayley, Blake, Adrienne
    boy – James, Russell, Dorian

    middle names would most likely be family names 🙂


    i love talking about names according to me id name my baby
    F: Brandi,whittney
    M: Brody .. not sure what other names for a boy


    [i]right now i like..
    Boy-Noah Xavier, Brenden lee
    Girl-Kyleigh Ann, Mia LeeAnn, Brianna Marie [/i]
    :side: :side: :side:


    🙂 here are what I’d like to name my kids —

    F: Neveah (Ne – vaye – uh) Ivory, Audrina

    M: Brody, Bentley Wes


    I’ll be having a girl in November and I’m gonna name her Amy Jane 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 26 through 40 (of 40 total)
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