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    Ava Taj

    I wish I could tell you for sure that such a thing would not happen, but I can’t. I can tell you that, such a thing is so very rare. And if you express your feelings to your doctor, they would make sure that this doesn’t happen and they can see it before hand, on an ultrasound. As for your sister, she has the right to mourn over her child, but I read that such incidents are not genetic so please stop worrying, you’ll be fine.B) I lost my daughter on Feb 13th and she was born Feb 8th. I lost my mother and father in law in that same week. I know that life will be fine, and I would never allow this to stop me getting pregnant at all. Life moves forth and you just have to go with it and enjoy everyday. Worrying and stressing is over rated for such a short life that you dont have control over. Best of luck, and keep in touch

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