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    Hello every1, thank you so much for reading this!

    I found out this morning i’m 3 weeks pregnant. Iv always wanted a baby, but in the distant future. Its my 21st birthday this day next week, I no i’m quite a bit older than most people on here and i should be able to deal with this, but im lost! i live in england (my whole family live in ireland) I moved over here a year and a half ago to be with my bf. we have just moved into a new place, but on our contract it says NO KIDS. i’m also a manager for a clothing line in topshop but the money isn great and my bf just graduated from uni and on minimum wage.

    Me and him are great and get on really well but recently iv been having doubts wether we really are ment to be. and now, im pregnant ! i cant afford to have a baby but have ALWAYS said id never abort, but now i’m in this position, i don’t no whats best.

    I want to be a makeup artist and have saved for my course for the past 2 years which i was due to start at some stage this year or next (in london). And i then wanted to move back to america, but i cant do all these plans with a baby, can i?

    My bf said he’d support me but i no he’d rather i didn’t go through with this.

    PLEASE help me. Im scared and alone.


    hello bonn, i also am not as young as most, i am 19, will be 20 in october, i found out i was pregnant a 18, and now have an 10 month old baby, I also had hardships when i discovered i was pregnant, i am against abortion, and when it came down to it it was hard to know what to do, do i give this baby up for adoption so somebody else can raise him that is better off, or do i accapt what has happened and become a young mom, I love my son with all my heart but im not gonna lie, im sure all people feel this, the what if i could wait so i can travel, go to schoool, or just grow up and learn to be more responsible. I hope that in this time of your life, you do not fall in to the pressure and go what you believe in and not what somebody else thinks is best for you, and just remember there always is other options, like adoption, or if you are able to keep your baby then good luck on your new ife. And i hope you know that it will be harder but you still are able to pursue your life and chase your goals and careers, it has been an adventure for me, but i still am pursuing schooling and a carrer, its just taking a little longer then planned, hope i could help 🙂


    thats amazing! thank u so much. Theres a lot to think about but i really just want the best for my baby and want to be able to provide it and i’m afraid i wont, but knowing there are 100s of girls in the same position as me, and younger is a great comfort and gives me the determination to be successful, not just for me, but for my baby too. x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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