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    Marisa Gerdes

    🙂 hey okay every website that you look at and your research early signs of symptoms but can people who have experience pregnancy tell me their early signs of pregnancy! thanks! i think this will help a lot of people!

    Sarah Hoenig

    Gaining alot of weight, being sick not only in the mornings. But mostly just morning sickness. At first, I craved alot of your stuff, like lemons, pickles and limes, not chocolate so much. Also my fave cleared up and I never had a zit again! My breasts got really big, every month I’m a bigger bra size… stuff like that!

    Brenda Simons

    i’m not gonna help here cuz i never had symptoms…i only ever had a strong thought/feeling of being pregnant the week b4 i was due for my period..then i was a day late and took a test and it came back almost instantly positive….now i’m 30wks with my little boy…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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