Fetal Movements

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    ann estrada

    Hi! Im 13 weeks pregnant(3 months) and im not feeling my baby yet.Do you guys know when I will begin to feel the movements of my baby?I have read at different sites is supposed to start at 14 weeks but Im not sure.Im so anxious!Thanks!

    Brenda Simons

    as per what most all doctors say is you don’t usually feel your baby move until 5 months…..around the same time you find out the baby’s sex……..

    Kailey Williams

    hey babe-
    the earliest movements can be at about 15 weeks. but thats rare. its usually in girls who were very small to begin with or in subsequent pregnancies. most feel it sometime after the 18th week. the latest is about 25 or 26 weeks.

    Theres a great site that you can use to calculate about when you should feel the baby and it fantastic for everything else! just put in your last period date and click on all the little things you want to know!! (of course teh movement prediction and such isnt always right but its the average time)


    good luck! congrats!!

    Kailey 17
    32 weeks 2 days

    lisa donnelly
    Nicole Kirby

    I think around 5 months… That is when I did anyhow.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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