Feeling weird.

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    Stephanie Bytheway

    Im 35 weeks with my son, im having real weird pains in my crotch like sharp pinching pains, they hurt so bad at times they make me whant to cry.
    Im also feel like im going to come onto my period like i have alot of pressure.
    My tummy goes real tight at times an it hurts lol.
    Sorry it sounds like im moaning its just im starting to worrie, im not due to see my midwife till the 19th so any help or advice would be great thanx alot xxx 😛

    Christina Cimino

    If your getting real tight they are most likely contractions.

    When I went into labor I called my neighbor who is a doctor and has had 4 kids to tell me if I should go to the hospital or not.

    The one thing she keep doing was feeling when my stomache got tight and asked me if I was having a contraction.

    Taryn Walsh

    Well as long as you do have a gush of fluid or any spotting I think this is normal. Pressure is normal. I am feeling it MUCH sooner with my second baby and my doctor said it’s becase my pelvic muscles are weaker. I began feeling noticeable pressure around 34-35 weeks with my first baby. Doing Keagel exercises helps strengthen your pelvic floor muscles as well as aides in actual labor. You work those muscles by squeezing the same way you would if you were to stop peeing midstream and holding it for a few seconds then relaxing. DOing this at least 30 times a day will help alot. You can also buy a pregnancy girdle which will help support you tummy and relieve pressure. As for the shooting pains, those are your ligaments being pulled. Pregnancy causes us to release a hormone called Relaxin which does just that, it relaxes your ligaments and softens them allowing you to stretch and allow the baby through with ease. It just also makes it easier to pull muscles 😛

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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