False pregnancy?

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    So I was wondering if anybody knew what the chances were for someone to develope pseudocyesis (false pregnancy)… I’m having a lot of symptoms and my period isn’t supposed to come untill around October 5 (about 10 days from now I believe) so it’s still too early to test. Could my mind/body be playing tricks on me?


    I would say that you do not have pseudocyesis… in order to have that you would have to be absolutely convinced that you were pregnant.
    A lot of girls get pregnancy-like symptoms in the weeks before their period when they are afraid that they might be pregnant or they really want to be.
    If your period doesn’t come, wait a week, take a HPT, and then go get a blood test to make sure of the results. But don’t worry about it, ok? 🙂


    I would say to wait until after your period is due. It very well could be your mind playing tricks on you. Jessica


    i would say dont worry about it 2 much coz u can psycologically stop ur period the same way u can psycologically make ur body believ ur preggy.. wait til ur period due date…. if it doesn cum then u should look at possibiliteis of things like this
    take it easy xoxo

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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