Facing an Induction

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      Well, I have several questions from been-there moms.

      First, I may have to be induced on Monday just because my doctor doesn’t want me to go too long through the pregnancy. I’ll be 39 weeks. I was wondering about having inductions vs. regular labor. He said that my cervix was favorable, so a C-Section was unlikely. Stories, advice?

      Also, my boyfriend appears to be getting sick at the perfect time, even though he says he isn’t. I’m really concerned because I want him there during my labor and delivery and right after the baby’s born… but am concerned that he won’t be able to. Help! :s


        hey i think u should only be induced if u hav passed ur due date n the crap thing about being induced is that unlike wit natural labour ur body cant adjust to the increasin intensity of the contractions, and wit an induced labour ur even more likely to need medical intervention for pain, i say go for a natural as far as possible, ur at the end as it is, why rush it, u can induce labour at anytime but i say giv ur body and baby the chance….

        best of luck xoxox


          It’s not my choice to be induced. The doctor doesn’t want me to go too far past 39 weeks because of risks of too high of blood pressure during labor, which may increase risk of C-Section. Also because of my mom’s and my boyfriend’s mom’s history of very large babies.

          I do want a natural birth completely. But it doesn’t seem like he wants to come out on his own… I’m 2 cm and 70% effaced, and hopefully he’ll come this weekend, but we’ll just have to wait and see! I think I’m going to try Maternity Acupressure to get things going.


            Well I was induced four weeks before my daughter was born….they give you pitocin and it wasn’t bad…however I don’t have anything to compare it to. I was told I too had a favorable cervix and everything worked out great..My advice would be to listen to your Dr’s advice and be induced if he/she thinks it is in your best interest. I don’t think there are any con’s to being induced. And at this point you are definitely in the clear as far as the babies health is concerned. With your boyfriend don’t stress things you can’t change. I would say there is no reason he can’t be in the room with you even if he has a cold. Just have him wash his hands and not hold the baby at first and you wont have any problems. Best of luck….. Remember this is a happy exciting time don’t worry about things you can’t change….these are all times you won’t get to relive. Jessica


              I don’t believe in induction, but that is me. My dr. Wanted to induce me at 39 weeks. I refused. It was my decision, not my dr. I had my daughter naturally 3 days after my due date. Induction messes with your body. I say let your body do the talking, it knows what it is doing.

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