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    Well everything just seems to be falling into place. and I love it. My gma is buying us a trailer. (extremly NICE). Our car is getting fixed. Were both in the process of getting our ID’s and Drivers Lisences… Were starting to pay payments on our wedding rings, were getting married as soon as we got them, we should have the mid next month. we find out what the baby is (boy ro girl) Feb 5. Were going to go get 3-d ultrasounds. I just started a teens mothers school and its so awsome.. My boyfriends job is going great. Im so excited for all this.. im just glad ill finally have a place to call ours. and Its an extremly beautiful place.. so yeah im telling everyone good things can happen to those who would never expect it, even at the times they think are the worst.. Im finally able to do all that I ever wanted.

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