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    can somebody please help i have just found out i am pregnant after a 1 night stand the dad told me straight away he does not want me 2 kkep the baby & i really dont no what 2 do should i have abortion or keep it. i have a 8 year old daughter & still live with my parents & i have always said i didnt want 2 be a single mum again but now i dont no what 2 do can some1 please give me some advice !!!!!!!!!!!


    hi hun
    Do what you think is best. You already know that you can do it with out the dad. And who knows maybe your daughter might want a friend.B)


    Hey no worries. My friend was in the same situation you are now and he didnt want his son either…but now thats he’s 41/2 he loves him to death and is part of the family. Everything will work out keep your baby and if yuu can’t then give it to someone who dreams every night with a broken heart because they want one and can’t have one. Children are gifts and they are given for a reason. God said " Let the little children come to me " He has given you this gift don’t reject it. Cherish it


    I think you should keep it. Get the dad for child support. Me and my fiance are moving out of my moms house in april or may of ’07 n the baby will be here in January of ’07. I’m gonna be 17 on Oct 27th so if i can do it you can goodluck


    Wow! I really wish I had some suggestions to give to you. Other then like some of the other people said about child support- that is pretty much all I can suggest and say in this situation. Keep your head up high and, I wish you the best of luck.




    Sweetie I think you should keep your baby. No matter what the situation is you have a life living inside of you. Think of it this way. Im sure you love your 8 year old right? but what if the baby inside you now was your 8 year old? Could you imagine killing it? I’m totally against abortions…so I’d first hand tell you not to kill it. And that guy…put him on child support…its plenty of guys who will take care of you & your kids if he really loves you…I hope eveything works out for you :side:


    Do what you think is right. I know how hard it would be to be a single mum but if you already have one child obviously you can do it!
    I hope you make the right descion for you. Dont listen to the dad, if he doesnt want to play a part then really, its his loss!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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