Does gender affect how big your belly gets?

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    Ok this is kinda wierd, but looking at girl’s pictures on here that are having girls seem to have much smaller bellies than girls who are having boys. I’m 17 weeks and i am huuugee. I don’t know what im having yet i find out december 21st, but i think im having a boy.

    So do you agree with that statement?


    I think thats another folk tale. I think it depends on the female. Everyones body is different. Also take into consideration if the girl has been pregnant before they tend to show quicker and possibly be bigger.

    I happen to fit one of the myths of carrying low and being ALL belly which is a sign of a boy. It has been confirmed that Im having a boy. Then I read other females carried the same way and have had a girl!!! (too funny) It just boils down to the mother basically.

    Keep us informed I know you are anxious to find out!!!!


    In my case….With my first, boy, I was very VERY low, didn’t gain alot of weight and showed at almost 7 months…..With my gitl, I started showing way earlier, gained alot of weight and carried super high….

    princess Angela

    I dont think thats true… my mum was huge when she was carryin me haha they thougth she was having twins…….. hahaha


    I think its all a bunch of old wives tales. Its individual. The ancient greeks used to think that girls were created from sperm residing in the left testicle so tied it off…how many people trying for a boy do you know use that tactic?
    Some people get huge, some dont. The gender of the baby doesnt come into it.


    ive always heard that girls were all in front but then lately ive seen boys that are like that so i dont think it matters now. just another myth

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