Does anyone feel overwhelmed doing this alone?

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    The holidays are so hard to keep going when you have to add the stress of finances, weather, relationships, etc to the burden of family, work, parenting! I try not to worry, because I know I can either pray or worry, but the feeling of drowning is bad this year! Anyone else needing encouragement and positive feedback like me? I am just putting my head down and plowing through this month, so I can get back to normal levels of stress in January! My kids are the reason I keep a smile on my face – they only know fear, anger, and worry by watching me, so I don’t want to express them. I’m so grateful for the daily hugs, kisses, and loving compliments I get and give with my children – without them, how could I go on another day??? God knew what He was doing when He gave me my kidlets 😆

    Jamie McIntyre

    Thanks for posting this! I totally understand how you are feeling and am going through similar holiday stress! My daughter keeps me going too! My encouragement is the happiness I see around the holiday season


    What I really appreciate (especially during the holidays) is taking the focus off my personal crises and on my kids – their reactions to the lights and decorations, their questions about Santa and the Nativity, their exuberance over decorating and shopping! My 3 yr old daughter helped decorate the tree last night – I had to video her because she was dancing and flitting around singing along with the music, and showing me every ornament before placing them on the tree. It’s a magical time that is SOOOO temporary, and I love the diversion from the everyday issues…..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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