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    When teens are pregant they get looked at like if they were criminals or sluts just sleepin around what do you think about this?People say stuff like"omg your pregnant what happened" or" do you know whos the dad?"do you think this is wrong why or why not…. :side: :laugh: 😉 😛 =answer me


    It is true that pregnant teens are looked down upon in society. I think in an ideal world it is best for teenagers to wait for sex (and pregnancy) until marriage. However I was 19 and not married yet when I lost my own virginity. Each teenager and each situation is different. I do have a moral problem with "sleeping around" in a casual fashion (whether male, female, pregnant, not pregnant etc.) But I can understand curiosity and a desire for intimacy within a relationship with someone you love (or at least believe you are in love with.) Teens should think very hard about the physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences of becoming sexually active with another person, and be aware of and willing to accept responsibility for any consiquences for their sexual choices.

    Pregnancy is not easy at any age. Raising a child is not easy at any age. It is especially hard for teenagers, because they are very young. I would encourage girls to try to avoid teenage pregnancy, by making well informed and well thought out decisions about sex. I applaud the courage of teenage moms who choose to give life to their baby rather than choosing abortion.

    I fear that too judgemental of an attitude towards teen pregnancy doesn’t result in less teen sex, but more teen abortion from young girls who do not want to face the anger, condemnation and judgement of being a pregnant teenager. Many girls out there are sexually active, but those who get pregnant face more judgement than sexually active girls who are not pregnant. This seems like a double standard to me. Also pregnant girls face more judgement (perhaps because a pregnancy shows physicall for a girl, but a boy doesn’t have this issue) about their sexual actions than boys do, which isn’t fair. It takes two to tango.

    Just some thoughts…. Kate


    Yes, it is so wrong for people to judge pregnant teens. I’m 18 and ‘m engaged, but i look alot younger. I recently thought i was pregnant, and hopefully will be soon after i get married Oct next year, when i will be nineteen. I know people will look at me weird and judge me, but just because someone is young, does not mean they are not happy, or in a stable relationship. I remember last year or the year before when i was in highschool, and we had those fake babies that cry and you turn off with the key. I had so many rude stares and people abusing me, over a doll! I mean sure you can hardly tell with the clothes on, etc, but c’mon people. Give us girls a break! 😛

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