do u think i could be pregnant.

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    welll…….lets just say me n mii boy friend have like had sex every week end …no protection ever,and like now i have head eches n feel sick n dizzy and just wana sleep all the time. my period was supose to start like two days, so if it dont come how long should i wait.:dry: should i evan tell him i think this? also i wana like drink pickle juice all the time and eat ice. and i cant stand the smell of coffee now it like makes me wana :sick: idk anything about being pregnant and just need help…

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    jjs mom

    honey it sounds to me that you are very much pregnant!! i suggest you take a pregnancy test now, i think you should tell your bf but if you are going to take the test now then you can wait for the results to tell him but i think you are. well good luck keep me posted


    i’d say you may be pregnant. wait until you period is 1 week late then take a pregnancy tests.
    good luck!


    Don’t worry it will be ok…But truthfully I think you are pregnant. Go to the store, buy a test, if it is positive tell the bf, if neg. be more careful.

    keep me posted


    i agree with the others….all you can really do is take the test….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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