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    So, okay, I got the biggest scare of my life and found out I was pregnant and there is no way I can keep it with my current situation. My dilemma is do I tell my boyfriend or not??? I mean, if I’m having an abortion, what good will it do to tell him and have him stress out and whatevs. Plus I don’t want to lose him, he’s the most amazing guy I have ever been with. And he’s considering to go to Iraq in the fall and stuff, and I don’t want to influence his decision. Anyways, I would really, really appreciate some opinions/suggestions/etc.!! My roommates said I should tell him, but they don’t have a real unbiased opinion, you know?? Please help!!!! Thank you!!!


    I think you should tell him you are pregnant. After all, it is his child you are carrying. I know you don’t want to lose him. But how would he feel if he later found out that you aborted his child? Some men feel really betrayed and hurt when they find out about their lost children.

    I know that abortion might seem like a way to erase a problem, but it isn’t that simple. Please read about how it has affected women – we have some stories on this site, and you can also go to Also, please explore the other options you have: parenting and adoption. You may find that the biggest scare of your life becomes your biggest blessing.

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    You wanna know what i think? I think you sjold tell him, why because he put in half his effort im creating this miracle! He has a right to know whats going on with you and your body if yall have a serious relatinship ya know? Oh and about having an abortion, thats the worst thing you could ever do, im my opinion, because that baby your carrying should have a right to live you did what u did and this happened and u should think of THE BABYS life as well as YOURS…ok? so please think about it, when i was in my mommys belly i was gonna be an abortion baby and eversince they told me that i dont believe in abortions. :unsure:


    i would just like to empathize with you about the whole boyfriend going to iraq and you being pregnant. my fiance is in the military and we are expecting. i was afraid to tell him to but if this guy is all you say he is then he would try to stay to his best ability. good luck in your decision


    I know you are probably really scared right now, but you are not alone. I myself am a single mother of a one and a half year old girl. Instead of considering abortion I would urge you to think about adoption. Adoption is truly a wonderful solution to what seems like a horrible thing right now. There are so many couples who want to adopt children – you could be giving them the most wonderful gift they’ve always wanted! Please consider adoption, if not for your sake than for the people out there who can’t have children and are desperate to adopt a baby, and especially for your baby’s sake. Your baby could grow up one day to thank you.


    The questions is should you tell him or not well to be honest the first thing you should tell him because i was in a situation like this but i wasnt pregnant but we was thinking about it and my bf was going thru alot and i asked him if i got pregnant should i tell him and his response was if you should get pregnant by me i would wanna be the first to know because if everyone else knows except me then it would make me feel like you dont want it or you dont want it by me but my advice is you should tell him ….. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Congradulations on being a new mommy

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