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    Hey everyone..
    so im 17, and just found out im pregnant. i want to keep the baby.. i really do. but when i told my parents, they basicalli told me i would be ruining everyones lives around me if i kept the baby (but in a nicer way of course). my parents are already kind of struggling financialli because we just moved to a different country, and my mum is saying she’d have to quit her job to help me look after the baby which would make matters worse..
    Do you think that this is a good enough reason for me to have an abortion?? even a little bit of advice would help me so much!! :dry:

    Meagan Weber

    Hey there, I can tell already that you do not feel right about having an abortion, DO NOT ignore that gut feeling….of course the reasons listed are not a good enough reason to have an abortion, I don’t know what a “good” reason would be though…you know, your parents obviously love you and want to be there for you to help out but you are 17, you are nearly a legal adult, you can do this, your mom doesn’t have to quit her job, depending on what country you live in there are so many assistance programs out there to help…I know you can do this, if finances are the main reason to consider abortion then throw that out the window because your baby will be worth every cent you can come up with…I am here along with many other girls to help you find resources in your area and I mean like free or discounted clothes, diapers, food, other baby items…they are out there and in good shape…lets get you some local help, please send me an email telling me what country you are in and we will go from there…ok?….just take a deep breath, abortion is not the way out of this situation, lets take things one step at a time and get you on your feet…Love Meg meg@standupgirl.com

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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