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    This is kind of random…but interesting to hear….what kind of symptoms or weird cravings have all of you had in your pregnancy? looking for what i have to look for in the rest of the pregnancy


    hey, not me personally as ive never been pregnant but alot of people i kno crave for avocado..


    I think the strangest most disturbing thing I experienced was a strong craving for smells like rubbing alcohol and fingernail polish remover….I though I was nuts….I didnt purpously go out of my way to smell stuff like that becuase it was bad for me and baby….but if I happened to catch a whif…it was like satisfaction to my soul LOL…I talked with my doctor about it and surprisingly he told me how normal it is to crave stuff like that during pregnancy…some women even get cravings to eat dirt and linoleum LOL…..every pregnancy is different….I had cravings for food I normaly didnt like and I couldnt stand food that I usually liked…..pay attention to your body though…if you crave bannanas then your body is telling you MORE POTASSIUM and if you are craving dirt your body is telling you MORE IRON LOL and if you crave alot of oranges MORE VITAMIN C….I hope this helped you get prepared for the crazy stuff you will go through during pregnancy LOL….Meg


    I had hot sauce on EVERYTHING. Hooters wing sauce was a must have and hot things didnt seem hot to me at all and they were the ONLY thing that didnt give me indigestion. Everyone was like "hot stuff means you have a red head in there" and i was like nooo.. she’ll have mine and my bf’s dark hair…. whatdoyaknow i have a very red headed little girl…..haha

    i also wanted sour stuff… and fudge for a couple days. I loved the smell of gasoline (ive always kinda liked it though) lol and i could NOT STAND the smell of the car a/c or heat….blahhh

    Mommy to Faith

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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