did i miss my chanche?

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    did i miss my chanche?
    is that was is it?

    i saw the video from Jamie and keep askin myself that…is that the reson, that ive lost my girls? my missed chanche…?

    oh dear…im crying so bad 🙁


    ei girl dont think like that… i saw the video too, and i know we situations are not the same, but we both lost a big threasure, a big ilusion, a new life we were thinking wonderful, and its a new life but not that wonderful
    you will soon be recompensed for what you have lost, i have said i dont want anything else and may be you have too, just try to take things as come, and im always here, i send you a big hug that we will always need


    I know..but its hard,adter watching it I felt like..that’s what you get for doing what you did,have to live with it..

    All I want are my girls back 🙁 even if just for one more hour,so I can tell them again how much I love them,and how I’m sorry:(

    I miss them really bad right now..

    And I miss the feeling of being pregnant,of a kicking baby inside me 🙁

    Thanks for the hug,I really need it!!

    sophia roses mummy

    hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug!!!!!

    awwwwh hunnie!

    i know what its like to loose your little girl and i just wanted to say it does get better, and you need to stay strong for your two girls and yourself!
    i am here for you if you wana talk 🙂

    loveyou stay strong a take a big breth and it does help to cry and have u thought about writing a letter to your girls?
    it does help, well thats what helped me with loosing my lil angel sasha-lou 🙁

    loveyou girl, keep strong hun!



    i know what you said i just have the same feeling that i want and need my baby inside me, havenig her for a little time, its hard but we have to stay strong because we saw that little girls been strong for live, but theres a reason they cuoldnt stay and we will never understand that every person will said now you have an angel, but we want our baby crying beside our self. i try to think that god have something good prepared for us, even that im sure it wont be better than the little baby beatiful girl i saw…

    stay strong.. and when you feel you need to cry, scream or whatever do it, what we lost its a part of us, it wasnt a plastic plate or so


    You know gabby I’m writting letters..by the pain with my abortion baby somehow got easier…but that time I thought nothing can be more painful..dang was I wrong…I can’t forget the picture..seeing my two girls fighting in the incubator..and theb making their last breath in my arms..that broke me inside..
    And thank you for the hugs!

    That’s what I wish that I’d lose,a plastic plate,nothing else..it hurts so much..
    Yes I’m hearing all the time about havingan angel,but damn I wanna have a baby not an angel,I should have TWO babys in my arms right now,not two angels..it hurts:( I don’t understand god about that..:(


    No, it is not your last chance. What you are going through is a part of the grief process, and it’s totally normal from what I’ve seen and experienced in totally different situations. One day there will come a time when God will bless you with a baby in your arms and you will have the added blessings of your angels watching over you. They are in a better place, and everything is for a reason. God has a plan. Remember that. All of this will make you a stronger, better mother and person in the future.

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