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    What kind of diapers, formula, etc. do you all purchase for your baby? There are so many brands available now and every child is ofcourse different. Anyone try mom to mom?


    My mom bought pampers diapers, and she didn’t use formula except with my sister. One thing though, make sure to really research the kind of formula that you use because different kinds can have long term consequences. (My sister might have a thyroid problem from soy based formula)


    I’m in Australia so you mightnt have heard of some. 😛
    I used huggies, babylove, supermarket brand ones, snugglers whatever was the bargain.
    Formula i used a few different ones. Heinz Nurture, S26, Karicare, SMA, the reflux one for my son which i didnt find any different.
    I had spewy babies 🙁


    My youngest baby is 11, but I mainly used Pampers, Luvs and Huggies seemed to smell funny when they were wet, espcially Luvs. With my daughter I used the Walgreens brand because they are latex free and only about 8 bucks for a bag. As for formula they are all soo different now its hard to say, but I got whatever WIC (Women Infants Children, a program for formula, milk, chesse, cereal etc until kids are 5, at least here in Cali) provided. What is mom to mom?


    i use pampers and huggies I HATE HUGGIES they make her pee smell wierd and she poops right through them expeacially at a younger age because there poops are so runny and the formula has always been good start try not to use formula with the extra iron added into it it tends to constipate them and then your in trouble but i love pampers they have a fresh smell to them and they hold more pee in so if your child doesnt wake up through the night you dont have a big mess in the morning


    pampers sensitive are the best diapers. they are kinda pricey but they are so gentle on baby’s bum. and for formula my daughter uses good start natural cultures becasue she has bad reflux and she woudl throw up everything else. i’ve heard babies love it because it is sweet tasting to them like breast milk.

    but really the best thing is breast feeding. if your baby wont latch them pump because its the best for them and you can spend more on formula in a year than you will on a good breast pump. i pumped for as long as i could but i had to go back to work and school so i couldnt as often and then i dried up.


    I agree about the diapers. Sometimes the expensive ones work best and it’s worth it to shell out the extra $$$ so that they don’t leak. :S
    But I say give the store brand a try, and if it works theres no harm in saving some money.


    i actually allways got the walmart brand diapers myself. they were definitely more cost effective and my son actually never got rashes, he stayed pretty dry. also, my nephew was 11 days older than my son and my sister used luvs on him, they seemed to allways fall apart and he allways had rashes. and for the formula i allways, allways, allways used similac with iron, i was told by the doctors that is was the best thing to use other than breast milk, it is a little more expensive, but my whole family with all together 5 babies so far have used the same thing. just be sure you talk to the doctor to see what they think would be best to feed your child since they are all different and some different things than other. and with the diapers, the nice thing is you can try so many different types and you can usually get free samples in the mail of different ones to see which ones you are more comfortable with.


    I used Pampers too, they are very fitting to their body and not bulky. And they do a good job of not leaking. Not sure where you are located but stores like SAM’S or COSTCO like wholesale places are much cheeper and sell in large quantity. Hope this helps and good luck. Jessica


    i used pampers wen my girl was a newbie n now she uses any cheapie during the day and either Cudlers or Huggies Gold at nyt… i found it better this way n mor value 4 money


    again im in Australia, I used Huggies for my son i tryed the cheaper brands but hes a big pee’er and it was costing me twice as much to use them and providing me with big messes to clean up,
    I havent found a problem with smells so pass on that, i couldnt breast feed and was using SMA formula with him as it was a brand i know and trust but hes reciently been DX with lactose intorrance so use S26LF now


    well i alwayz used huggies or luvs and my son only took to neosure so idk.

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