Curse of the Pregnancy Hormones

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    I used to wonder why people went on about pregnancy hormones so much. I though i was doing ok. I was still myself but perhaps a little grumpy because of all the delightful pregnancy symptoms that occur. I thought i would get through the rest of this pregnancy without any of the famed hormones.
    I was sooooooooo wrong! In the last week i have turned into a highly emotional, must eat anything in sight and generally cranky human being. And bewarned. You had better not stand between me and an apple. I keep forgetting silly little things as well. Have discovered if you cut up potato and put it in the fridge, it does NOT cook. IM GOING MAD!!! The baby is not helping, with her bum being wedged up near my ribs all day long and booting them whenever she gets the chance… How on earth am i supposed to survive the next 8 1/2 weeks?
    Would love to hear other peoples experiences of going mad.


    Well I havent been pregnant in 2 1/2 years but a friend of mine recently had a baby…she was told that she was having a little girl and after 4 ultrasounds (she had alot of complications so she was always getting them done) to confirm I had a PINK baby shower for her…little dresses and bows 🙂 well about a week after the shower she found out that Abigail was a bad name for a BOY!!!!! LOL well all that to say that one day she was at Ross shopping and she got stuck in the aisle….the only store clerk in sight was a man and she described him as the type who has never dealt with a pregnant woman…anyways she was sooo emotional and she was crying and her belly was so huge that the guy had to help her get unstuck (she was trapped between the cart and the shelf LOL) she recovered from the embarassment of being hormonal in public and she laughs about it now!!!! you will too one day :)…Meg


    Oh,oh.I thought I’d escaped the dodgy hormones… but I’m only 19 weeks as yet so…it’s not too late.Eek.
    What has been driving me mad though,is that in the past week or so,I’ve been getting really bad hot flushes,and something resembling a craving for french fries….well,here we go!


    aww man lol im almost 4 months and i didnt g et any mornin sickness or ne thing but becuase of my pregnancy i cant stand my boyfriends fathers cookin i have no clue why its so weird. and i feel so bad every single time i make up an excuse to not eat it. b4 that i loved his food i would eat it with out a problem and now i cant even bare to smell it….so weird


    ha. i get yu. i thought pregnancy couldnt be that bad. and even though its so friggin wonderful. oh my its hard. especially becasue its getting hotter as well. it makes me so much more sicker. uh. my son kicks my cevix or a weird nerve down there. and it jerks me so hard i cant stand it i fall almost everytime he does it. he will either snuggle into my pelvic bones with his whole body, kick my ribs, or kick my bladder or cervix. and it is so annoying. i get so mad. then so happy, then so confused. and just like you, nobody is going to stand in ebtween me and an apple lol. lol i was the type of person who woudl give up a good food to hand to someone because they wanted some. but now whe they want it uh i cant help but put it in my outh and say too bad. lol sounds so rude but its mine mine mine im so greety with food now that im preggy. i know what your going through.


    trust me, when i was pregnant i lost it a good couple of times. One time, over a wendy’s potato because my bf got it for me in 45 min and not that second, so i went hysteric and started driving around the city not knowing what to do and crying so much i couldnt see. I always cried for food, i had to tell ppl around me pretty quick because of the jerk i was being. I remmebr falling asleep on the couch one time and waking up and crying, running to the store for some airfreshner, because the couch "smelt". MANY weird cravings, my fav: garden salad+plain yogurt+ lemonjuice+ranch dressing+ coconut+pineapple & finally rasberries, and if i didnt have that, id kill somebody. You’ll get over it in a lil while tho so just take it easy and do what u feel and eat what u want.


    Ahhh i know what yous mean! i was soo emotional when i was about 15 weeks i would scream and shout at the tiniest little thing and then id cry for no reason!! i was such a moody cow! haha dont see how anyone put up wit me! lol

    And as for food i hate people taking my food my boyfriend wanted half of my pizza and iwas just like… no NO its mine not only am i moody but also rather greedy now hehe funny stuff i think im finally getting over the hormones… well the moodyness anyway now im all lovey i cant explain it haha i get so lonely when my boyfriends not here makes me cry lol xx


    hi, i know how u feel!…my little boy keeps his bum up in my ribs and then he’ll kick the other side of ribs and punch my hips and bladder…AAHH…lol…and i forget everything, so if someones talking to me and i can’t think of what i was trying to say i get sooo mad and sometimes i get so mad i cry, especially since my husband will try to be "helpful" and help me remember what i was saying, but it makes it worse….

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