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    For a while now I’ve had mild cramping, is this normal? I’m only about 5 weeks along.



    I am just at the end of my birthcontrol shot. I don’t fully lose coverage until tomorrow, but we had sex a couple of days this week. I spotted a little, then it went to a yellowy substance. But all the meanwhile I’m having cramps, but they didn’t feel like normal period ones. Nothing else has really happened to me. Oh and one more thing, i don’t know if it has anything to do but i have these tiny little bruises on my ankles, sorta like a burst vessel. Is that any relation to anything?

    Monica Rae

    as long as there is no bleeding a long with your cramps they are fine. Just try to relax. If you can lie down when you feel one coming on. If your at work or school and can’t lir down just sit down until it goes away. (this is what my doctor told me to do) Good Luck with everything!



    i had FIERCE cramping until about my 5th month. and the docter told me it was "stuff" stretching. the nurse elaborated on this to mean ligaments and muscles. also it got really bad and they did an ultrasound-turns out i was REALLY constipated. go get yourself some ice cream or something dairy to speed up the poop process



    Oh sorry that happend to you it must of hert

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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