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    ok well im on a new kind of birth control that isnt really working well, i went from alesse which i was on for about 3 years to diane which i have been on for 2 months and it is not working at all, i went on it to prevent me from constantly bleeding throughout the month and its happening even though im on this diane pill. well my oyfriend of 3 years and i have been playing it smart and using condoms and the whole bit but just before i was supposed to take my one week break from the pill we found out that there was a hole in the condom that we had used and almost 1/2 the sperm was gone. i was supposed to get my period today and it works like clock work no matter what and i have yet to get it, could i be pregnant???? :ermm:



    I would encourage you to take a pregnancy test. Your local crisis pregnancy center can offer you one for free and they will have resources that can be very helpful should you find that you are pregnant. Since you did just change birth control methods, your body may have not adjusted, but if your period was due and you are concerned that you may be pregnant, I would suggest taking a preg. test. Have you noticed any pregnancy symptoms?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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