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      Okay, I’m new here. Just need some help..
      I had unprotected sex on Febuary 18th where he came inside of me. My period had ended the day before on Febuary 17th.. I had a “period” on March 7th. Which means my periods would be 15 days apart from the end of my last one to the start of that one. But, the bleeding was not normal. It only lasted 2 days and I had brown blood on the last day.. This “period” was very light and I usually have a heavy flow. I cramped the day before it happened just one time and it felt like a normal period cramp..? Now that it has all ended and it is the 14th now. (5 days after it ended). My boobs are sore/sensitive like on and off. I feel like I can’t suck my stomach in. I feel like I keep getting like half-a-second twitches in my lower stomach or something and when I am sitting down and I get up to walk somewhere, I feel sort of dizzy? Could I be pregnant? Please help. I’m 16..


        Hi Hailey,
        Thanks for posting. Whenever you have sex there is always a chance for pregnancy. A really good way to tell if you may be pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. Let me refer you to a pregnancy resource center. They are located across the United States and the world and they can give you a free and confidential pregnancy test. Just go to, type in your zip code, and find the center that is closest to you. They will be happy to give you a free test! Let us know if you have more questions.


          You should see a gynaecologist or take a pregnancy test to be sure. There are both possibilities but only test can assure it.


            hey guyz im new here….but what I want to ask is am I pregnant because I always feeling tired and disy am no longer eating now now….so im scared coz people alwatys ask me why am I becaming white now and gaining weight


              HI Koti-

              If your period is more than 5 days late, you should really take a pregnancy test. You can go to this website and find a center in your neighborhood where you can get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test done. The ladies are super nice, knowledgeable and can help you with whatever information you might need.

              Please contact then and let me know if I can help with something else.

              luv- dawnmarie


                Hi my name is Cilla and I had sex twice a month around Oct 9 n 13 not sure the dates . But I had my period on sept.01 n lasted only for 5 days . For me my periods are normal and regular but then I had my period again on Sept 28 and also lasted for 5 days so ended on Oct 02 after that ive been having major cleary white discharge i had major cramps pain on my left side right side and my abdomen my breastfeeding wasn’t sore because I breastfeed but i suppose to have my period on Oct 25 bUT it didn’t I was late it came on the 30th of October. I’ve been bleeding medium kind of blood dark red light red and on Nov 02 it was done I woke up nothing on my pad but later on that night i started bleeding again but still medium kind not heavy. I wanna know if there’s any chance I am pregnant ? Help please !I’m confused. This is the first time outta my 23 years this has happened to me so that’s why I have no idea.


                  It sounds like you had your period again, after you had sex. In that case, you wouldn’t be pregnant because your cycle would have started over. But if you’re still not sure or concerned about it at all, then you should take a pregnancy test to make sure. Or go into a pregnancy clinic, then you would know for sure. You can easily find a clinic around you on our site. Hope this helped. Blessings to you. Melody


                    Hi there Koti, I think you should really take a pregnancy test or you can use this website that I am using to track my ovulation period. I am hoping that it could also help you know if you were safe or not on the the days you had sex, good luck.

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