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    At the beginning of September me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and for the first time ever he had come inside of me. So i went to the chemist and got the morning after pill but she said it was unlikely i’d conceive as my period had ended the day before so i was pretty much infertile. However the past week i’ve been feeling sick all the time, curiosity got the better of me and i did some research on pregnancy signs. Which i now seem to have a few of, these being nauseated all the time, my nipples being darker and a darker veins, stomach cramping, i got a thicker discharge which has never happened before even before periods, i’ve been super tired past the two days and most things have been irratating me. Do you think i could be pregnant or is it all in my head?
    Any response will be appreciated =)


    I’ve read many many times that women can get pregnant at anytime during their cycle; though certain times can be considered “rare” to be able to get pregnant; I.E…the very end of your period. I’ve also seen plenty of people who’ve claimed they GOT pregnant while on their period. It sounds like you have the symptoms, so its possible that you are! Also, ovulation usually occurs 2 weeks after your period ends…sounds like its around 2 weeks now for you, so maybe your symptoms are from ovulating..? Anyway, I suggest you take a test either if/when you miss your period or a week before its due.
    Goodluckkk! 🙂

    <3 Aut


    Im not a doctor but if you havent had your next period since your last one Im sorry to say you are. Thats if you are a regular with your periods. Thats the first sign you are.

    sophia roses mummy

    hello sweetheart,

    im gabby and im 17years old
    i’m 31 weeks pregnant
    and i know exsactly what its like to 1. keep the baby 2. get a abourtion, becuase i had a termination a year and 1 week ago and it was the worst decition of my life!
    if you do miss your period i seriusly think you should get a test and see what that says and if you are pregnant please dont get a abourtion becuase you live with the guilt and deprestion for ever! and just remeber what ever happends its always going to be ok 🙂
    if you ever need to talk, im here for you 🙂

    can i ask how old you are?

    gabby xx


    Hi there,
    Personally i think you are, you have all the signs i had when i got pregnant. Better get that test than being just curious, i know its going to be very hard, buy hey knowing is better than not knowing.


    Hello. I honestly think it’s all in your head just because it’s not very likely to get preggers right after your period. I also say it’s all in your head because it’s happened to me where I would start to think about it so much that my body would start producing symptoms 🙂 but just to be absolutely sure take a test when you’re ready…let us know how it goes…


    i got preg from having sex right after my period 😀 so it’s not absolutely unlikely x

    Piink Lady Sparkles

    [color=#800080] [b]Hey i’m shaneeka amd i am 16 years old
    and i am going through the same thing..
    but personally i think it might be in your head
    because once you start thinking of it,
    you start to believe that you could be.
    But no body knows all the best..x

    Let me know wah happens.:) [/b][/color]


    Hey chica! I was just in the same situation like today lol … Umm acually I just found out I am pregnant…Kinda scared lol But Anywho I will start from the beginning…I just like you had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I didnt think that I would get prego because it was like two days after my period…so i thought i was gonna be all good so I didnt really think about it until like three days ago…when i didnt get my period. I was gonna wait a week til I took a test but I decided I couldnt wait…so I took one today…and it was postive…so I took another one this evening again…and it was positive AGAIN…So the moral of this story lol is that you CAN get pregnant at any time of the month!

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