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    alrite, so this may sound stupid to a lot of you.. but here goes. my name is stephanie and i’m 17 years old. in late feb. i ended up hooking up with an ex boyfriend of mine while i was drunk. (i know, very stupid and i regret it). i know we didn’t have sex. but i don’t know how close we could have gotten to eachother and if his cum could have gotten inside of me somehow. at first, i was really paranoid and alone and didn’t know what to do. my period was a week late and i finally got it. i was so relieved. then, the next month (april), it was a week late again. this is odd for me, since it’s usually right on the day i’m supposed to get it. i have been eating differently because i’m trying to lose a little weight. but then i heard from many people that you could still have a period and be pregnant. this is when i really started freaking myself out. i actually ended up making myself feel nauseous and i gave myself really bad anxiety. i can’t tell the difference between if i’m pregnant, or if these symptoms are just all made up in my head. i actually took a pregnancy test when i would have been about 2 months pregnant and it said negative. i’ve been convincing myself that my stomach is harder, that i can smell more things than most people, and that i’m hungry all the time etc etc. but i’m really driving myself crazy! i can’t tell if i’m making it up or if it’s real. i’m just so paranoid. it’s my worst fear and i feel like it’s coming true. i actaually broke down one day and told my mom. she said i don’t have anything to worry about and that by now i’d be showing. i’m not really at all. but she was telling me how if my father found out he would flip etc etc. this made me even more nervous. i don’t want my parents to think of me as a screw up. i don’t want the rest of my family to thinkthat way either. i keep telling myself i’m not pregnant and that i can’t be, but i feel like something is telling me i am. ughhh it’s all i think about now and i was just wondering if someone could help me out and let me know if they think it’s a possibility i could still be pregnant after 2 kind of light periods and a negative pregnancy test.


    Im no expert but from everything ive read, and from all the changes i know my body has gone through since i became pregnant, im pretty sure that you are not. I think by this point u would be well aware if u were. Dont stress about it because that can affect your menstrual cycle too.


    well, i am 19 and i have a 16mos. child, and beleive me had i known it would be this hard taking care of her as a teen, she would still be in baby land. but honestly, it takes more than getting close to someone to get pregnant, you say you and him didnt do anything, so thats what it is. the more you think it, the more stressed you will be. the test was negative, so that means youre not, and if youre that concerned, you need to go to your doctor. maybe this is a sign in a way, to tell you, you are not ready. take it from me, its easy to get them (babies) here, but as a teen just like you, its hard to take care of them when yore a baby yourself. my advice is if youre going to do "it", do it right! (RAP IT UP!) 😉


    anybody???? please i am really worrried. :-/


    girl, just go to the doctor. they are the only people who can tell you if you are or not. if you don’t want to tell your mom or dad what you are doing, just tell them you need a check-up. you are 17 and can go by yourself. that’s the only way you will know for sure. they can’t lie to you or tell your parents. so just call!


    Hi sweetie, I agree with the other girls, I don’t think you are pregnant. I read so much information on pregnancy signs and have been pregnant myself that I could almost pass as a midwife 😆 Several things could have happend here, 1 you could have miss calculated your menstrual cycle. 2 you mentioned that you were trying to loose weight, diet and exercise does have an effect on your period. 3 STRESS, your mind is a very powerful thing! if you become to stressed out you can hault your menstrual cycle all together. There have been reported case where women who wanted to conceive a child so bad that their stomacs would swell and their breast would lactate even though they were not pregnant. You have taken a pregnancy test and the result was negative, they are 99% accurate and pretty sensitive they can detect pregnancy shortly after implantation and on the first day of your missed period. I know it’s true some women do stills have periods after pregnancy has been confirmed but it is very rare to have periods throughout the whole pregnancy. Pregnant women who do have bleeding it will usually stop within the first trimester. So relax and breathe…take it easy because your not pregnant honey 🙂 So don’t let it consume you, I do recomend seeing your OBGYN to be put on birth control to protect you from pregnancy and put your mind at ease.

    good luck to you

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