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      problem is:

      you don’t wanna let go c0z you feel that there
      is something sweet going on between the two of you.
      something beyond words.
      something that only your heart understands.
      you wait and wait.
      wait and wait.
      wait and wait.
      but still, nothing happened.
      he’s glued to the spot.

      problem is:

      you just can’t walk away,
      but you cant stay either.
      i cant take this any im here wondering what i should do,im wondering if i did something wrong..should i call him or should i let things be?this misery is really killing me!so unfair how you always think of that someone then that someone doesnt even think of you even for a while!!throught out this past few weeks i breakdown and cry my heart out…my mind is consumed with past memories of can i move on when i have no closure???

      he told me i was special,but the moment i asked him again what i am in his life he told me "your my friend arent we? that hurts! friends told me that he wont take me seriously,like it was all for fun..i took risks,gave so many chances and eventualy got my heart broken..i told my friends that they dont have the slightest idea that being with him is more than enough..may it be a game or not…:(

      please help me….im in need of your replies…


        A broken heart is often worse than illness or losing everything we own. But we can move on. You say that you took risks for him and my guess is that one of those risks was sex??? Am I wrong?? I hope that you remember the emptyness you feel right now when you fall in love again. Remember that it can all go away in a second. When someone tells you they want to be more than friends and be in a relationship make sure that theyre motives are right. Withhold your body from them dont have sex. If he loves you if he wants to get serious he will eventually take you as his bride. If not you will be back here again but each time you will feel more empty. Trust me I know. Someone made a comparisson to me….If everytime you slept with someone and broke up you had to lose a part of your body how much of you would be left??? When asked that question I had to realize that if it were true I was not sitting there!!! WOW what a life changing moment. When you are married and the 2 become 1 there is unity and as long as that relationship stays monogomous an you keep your vows sex grows your relationship. But when it is outside of marriage it takes away from who you are and tears you apart when you break up:( The good news is that God can best work with us when we have a broken heart. And thankfully He can and will restore us (otherwise I wouldnt have any fingers to type with LOL) so keep looking up even if you feel lonely or used or unimportant. You are going to make it through this and Jesus can give you a new heart all you have to do is ask Him. I hope you start feeling better soon and that you will have things in your life to atract your attention other than selfish boys that dont care about your feelings. Take care…Love Meg


          Honestly, there seems to be closure already — as far as he’s concerned. Don’t allow yourself to be a doormat to this guy no matter how much you think you care for him.

          I agree with Mweber and like her, I think what you’re refering to as regards your "risks" and "chances" was sex. You didn’t mention being pregnant so that’s a good thing.

          I think it’s the best time for you to walk away right now. If he sees you as a friend, then you should know what that means. That’s actually a diplomatic way of saying, "Well, it’s been fun but I don’t want anything too serious anymore but hey, it’d be great for us to hang around." If that seems unfair, it can really be. Life’s like that. Also, there will be come instances and relationships in your life that there really is no closure whatsoever. No point asking for something that may not ever come.

          Like Mweber, I believe that God is your only real hope and strength. Pray a lot and listen to what he may be saying to you especially at this point. You are so precious to him and you have to see just how precious you are and that each and every guy who wants to be close to you must show that he really deserves you. It seems that at this point, you’re trying to prove to this guy that you deserve to be located in the same galaxy as him. It doesn’t work that way. You have to have an honest assessment of him and have a genuine appreciation of yourself.

          Dry your tears, honey and know that you deserve so much better.


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