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    :unsure: I am about 8-9weeks along and i have so many feelings running through me. some days I want to yell to the whole world that i will be a mother soon. But then there are those days that i don’t want anyone to know.
    I guess i should fill you in on my situation. i am 17 years old and a senior in high school. my boyfriend( the father) is 17 and a sophmore in high school. he is the main reason why i want to not tell anyone.
    :woohoo: but i am so excited to have this kid. it will be so much work but so rewarding. i have always loved kids and can’t wait.
    my boyfriend is scared and i worry about him some times.


    Congratulations! 🙂 I know exactly how you feel. I’m seventeen and might be pregnant, and I’m both really scared and really excited at the same time. Even though I don’t even have a definate answer yet, sometimes I want to just stand up in class and announce to everyone that I might have a baby growing inside of me. Other times though I worry about what people are going to think of me, and I worry about how different my life is going to be, and want to keep it to myself. I know exactly how confused you must feel. But whenever you have doubts just think about that little baby growing inside of you and I’m sure all of your doubts will all be washed away by the overwhelming love and excitement.

    I wish you all the luck in the world, Everything will work out fine. 🙂 If you ever want to talk, I’m here. Just post on my guest book



    Does anyone in your boyfriend’s circle know? If not, why not?

    One thing that you should be asking yourself know is that if no one within his circle knows, how does it affect you? I know that this may be a difficult time for both of you but keep in mind that since you seem to want to keep the baby, that baby is precious to you and if the baby is not precious to the father so much that he hides the fact and makes you wanna hide the fact, then you two should have a really serious talk.

    Sex leads to pregnancy and pregnancy means parenthood. You two will have to grow up really fast and your being a high school senior and his being a sophomore aren’t excuses not to.

    You guys have to face up to the responsibility of parenthood and that means facing up to the reality that you two should be sharing responsibility for the baby. If one of you can’t be proud of the baby in public, then there’s something wrong there.

    Even if you love your boyfriend so much, you have to see whether he loves your child as much as he should. It’s not just a matter of you and me against the world here. It’s you, me, our baby surviving and hopefully thriving in the world. You can only do that if you both have your eyes in the same direction.

    What I suggest is that you two sit down together, preferably with a counselor or a church authority of one of your parents. There may be harsh words. Deal with it. These are the natural reactions of parents but if both of you show a united and mature front, they will have to start respecting you a bit more. THey may tell you things like, "how could you be so stupid to do this?" Just let them get those feelings out and take them in like mature adults. Tell them what you need and what you plan. There may be a good number of difficulties ahead but that’s just how it is now. You just have to be strong together.

    Being devil’s advocate though, you may have to start thinking of the possibility of your boyfriend’s not being up to snuff on this issue. What do you do if he says he can’t hand;e the pregnancy, the baby and then ups and leaves you?

    What do you do then?

    Please email me anytime you think you need to talk.



    I went throught that 2, dont worrie, ur excitment will soon turn to impatience lol, mine has. . . Ur bf will be ok hell cum round they have to accept it 2 sumtimes it jus takes longer than us xxxxx congratulations anyway for the pregnancy xx


    Well I am so glad that you chose life. Being a mother has been difficult but so rewarding. I hope that you have great parents that are willing to help out and give advice and I hope you will be willing to take it 🙂 For what ever reason you would not want anyone to know who the father is I hope that those issues will settle and that he does the right thing for you and the baby. I hope you have a wonderful healthy pregnancy and if you need to talk just visit my profile page and leave me a note….God Bless…Meg


    I feel exactly like that except for the bf part.

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