Colostrum…. Eeew!

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    Is it just me, or is 25 weeks a little early for colostrum to be forming? And its super gross 🙁


    I am 31 weeks, and I have no clue what this is -.- Please tell me.. Lol.
    But 25 weeks is pretty far along.. Like over half way and such, so I think it could be possible for anything up to this point, lol.


    hey ladies!
    With my first child i got my colostrum at 16 weeks!!! It is perfectly normal and fine! Maybe you will have lots of milk! 😉
    Also,I would recommend going and getting some breast-pads. They are in the baby section, kinda over by where the bottles and nipples are.They look bulky and gross when you first start to use them, But you will get used to them :)! They also are starting to make ALL cloth ones, I dont know where those would be, but im sure you can look online 🙂 !~ Good luck


    I started leaking right around 20 weeks, thought my dog was drooling on me but nope 😉 I used cloth breast pads I found they were much softer and when I started breast feeding this was very handy since everything is a little sore. I suggest getting about 6 pairs, they are kinda spendy about 2 bucks a set but I use three sets a day and then washed them and used the other three. You can get them at babies r us, motherhood maternity (in my opinion they have the beat ones!), and sometimes I was able to snag them at target. Good luck!


    Ohh hey,’This is my first child&my colostrum came in what seemed really early! Around 15 or 16 weeks.
    I havent found a need for breast pads yet,
    So 25 weeks is normal(: everyones different.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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