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    [B]null[/B]can u still get your period when u preg it have so many website sayin u can and u cant can u please helpme out :sigh


    I don’t know personally because I have never been pregnant, although I think I may be right now, but my mom told me that she had periods off and on through out her pregnancy when she was pregnant with me. So, I would say that it’s possible that you can have a period when you’re pregnant, but if you’re pregnant and you happen to have a period, I would suggest calling your doctor to make sure everything is ok and nothing is wrong.

    Heather 🙂


    No you cannot get your period if you are pregnant. Some women do think they are getting their period but then its a very light period and shorter than usual. Its called a implantation bleed. But if youre pregnant and getting a heavy bleed go and see your gynae.
    Hope that helps you 😉


    hi to help you out i am pregnant 7 months and i have had bleeding during my pregnancy but only light bleeding its not always implantation bleeding and its possible to still have a period. but heavy bleeding isn’t good so talk to your doc. hope i helped. 🙂


    im 12 years old and im pregnant im due in 11 days
    i have still had my period whilst been pregnant so i sopose yes you can the websites you sore that said you dont are so wrong because know your hereing it from somone that is going through it
    hope i helped


    i had a neighbor,and she just recently had a baby boy. but the crazy thing was,she didnt even know!! she had her period every month, so she didnt even know she was pregnat.hope it helps. 😉


    my friend had her baby last summer, and she had her period, regular time each month, and every month lasted the usually 6 days. but she was still pregnant, and her baby is going to be a year at the end of july…and shes the cutest little girl! so yes u can


    Thanls lendei for u’r feed back i;ll keep u posted ok… bye… 😉 ………..ANNA


    hey i’m ana i need help i read chilliane message saying you can have a period when your pergnant i just wanted to know was it a normal mouthy one or a light one well i’m 15 and i just found out i was pregnant and i started bleeding like i’m on my period and i thought u couldn’t have one so dose that mean i’m not pergnant or something i dont know if someone can please help me 🙁 :ermm:

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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