Can someone please help put my mind at ease?

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    My boyfriend and I fooled around in September on the last day of my period.
    A small amount of sperm ended up just on the inside of my vagina.
    I wiped it away as soon as I could.
    I have had two negative pregnancy tests, and my period three times since (regular)
    Though my body has been so different since then. Lots of bloating and feeling lethargic.

    I have a background of anxiety and depression, I just may be stressing about nothing, but please help.
    I’m not sure if it’s possible or not. And if it is, is it too late for an abortion? My stomach is rather bloated, but I don’t know if it’s something else

    Help please


    Hey there….To put your mind at ease, I would say its safe to say that you are not pregnant from the sexual encounter back in September, If you have had two negative tests and a period three times and no other sexual encounters since then I would highly doubt you are pregnant….I am not a doctor so that is not a diagnosis by any means….However…If you have had any other sexual encounters, protected or not since then, it would be good for you to refrain from sexual contact and test again if your period is abnormal or late….That way you can for sure rule out pregnancy while not continuing to risk it…make sense? Anyways, as far as being too late for an abortion…Why would you consider having an abortion when your chances of being pregnant are practically non existent? There are women who have undergone surgical abortions when they have not even had confirmed pregnancies, only to find out they were not even pregnant but that the abortion clinic just did it for the money anyways, same with women who have taken pills to cause an abortion to find out that they were never pregnant….Abortion is a very serious decision and I think the best time to make a decision about how you feel about abortion is before you are faced with having it as an option….Here is what you can do, Visit , Enter your postal code into the website and it will give you the contact info for the closest Pregnancy Help Center near you where you can get FREE and CONFIDENTIAL help, including a pregnancy test and an ultrasound if needed….They can also give you all of the info on abortion from a medical standpoint….What your state laws are, the procedures, the cost etc….Stress can certainly keep you wondering about pregnancy as it can mess up your period, cause delays and create symptoms in your body that mimic pregnancy….Please visit your local Pregnancy Center and they can help you figure out what the best first step to take is….Then please…Come back and let me know what you find out! I hope your mind is a little more at ease knowing how rare it is to have a period three times in three months with negative pregnancy tests and find out you are pregnant…Does not happen often! <3 Love Meg


    No sexual activity whatsoever after that time in September.
    Is it really unlikely?
    Two negative tests and three periods?
    I do feel bloated and dizzy. And that’s not like me at all.
    Periods were all on time and definitely all regular.

    I just want to know for absolute sure.

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