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    My does my heart feel so broken about adoption if it is really the most “loving” thing I can do for a child I can’t take care of? Everyone will know I was pregnant and gave up my baby..doesn’t that make me a BAD mom?


    This was a question a teenage girl asked me. She is my friend’s daughter and a senior in high school. She found out she was pregnant right before school started and decided to keep her baby boy through her pregnancy, but is strongly considering adoption. She thinks everyone will think she is a bad mom for not keeping him.


    Unfortunately, there are a lot of narrow minded people out there, and there isn’t much you can do for them. After all, what other people think about you is none of your business.

    Choosing adoption for your child means realizing that you do not have the ability, resources, maturity, etc. to raise your child and that he or she would be able to thrive better with adoptive parents. It takes a very courageous and selfless woman to make an adoption plan for her child. Putting your child’s needs above your wants, desires, and other people’s opinions of you is a selfless love.

    Here is a great website about adoption:


    Gosh, I think it would be heartbreaking for sure to give up your baby! Having siblings and a few good friends who were adopted, and knowing and seeing many young women make such hard choices, I am always absolutely proud of those moms. When I see or hear the stories, from mom or child, I really genuinely respect those mothers and would never ever say they were a BAD mom!! I had a close roommate in college who was adopted from S. Korea and she says every year on her birthday she prays and thanks God for her mother and all the sacrifices that woman made. She hopes to find her one day and thank her for everything; her mom was most likely very alone and ill-treated in a society that really shamed her.. It’s beautiful to see my friend’s heart for her mother and know there is not an ounce of bitterness, only sincere gratitude! Still, that would be the toughest choice a mother could make!

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