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      Dear Ladies,
      Last wk I wrote a topic "10 wks pregnant & haven’t made my decision yet". Well through the encouraging responses from the ladies I realized I was being selfish and I defiently wanted to keep my child no matter what my situation. I was feeling really strong and excited for my child to continue to grow in my belly.
      Well this saturday I went to get my 1st ultrasound to see the sex of my baby,and discovered terrible shocking news. I looked at the sonogram screen and I saw the placenta mass but no baby!!! The doctor said I had a "blighted ovum" meaning because of abnormal chromosomes my fetus stopped developing but my pregnancy sac (placenta) continued to grow normally. So basically I had a "natural miscarrige". My stupid boyfriend started cheering cuz he wanted to abort. I was so numb i kept staring at the screen cuz now that I wanted my child there now was nothing. 🙁
      I will eventually get my period after 4 months but the doctor said my belly will continue to grow until my body recognizes I’m not carrying a child anymore. It’ll be so emotional looking at my belly knowing there is nothing inside anymore!!!
      I realized my boyfriend is an asshole so I dumped him saturday night. I prayed to God last night because I know this was he purpose for some reason. It was defiently a wake up call for me to focus on important things in life and people that truly care about me. I think the Lord was warning me what could happen if I don’t put my priorities first but he also was telling me that I’m not ready for a child right now. I know everything is for a reason but I can’t help feeling so depressed. If anyone has ever had a "blighted ovum" or a situation similar please respond back. I need anyone’s support or opinion or story on this matter. Thank you all!! God Bless


      gina lynn

        wow im so sorry for what your going through. it must be so hard to here that after you finally decided that you wanted to keep the baby. its good that your praying about the situation. i’ll keep you in my prayers as well, because im sure you can use it. good luck.


          im glad that you made the decision to keep it but im so upset about what happend and how your bf was such an a** about it, good on you for dumping him you deserve much better. i hope things go ok for you. you can now make the most of your life and have children in the future. if you ever need to talk we are all here for you.


            hey when you find that guy who really loves you then it will be the right time to have a baby. you will be okay. it is hard but all is well that ends well so turn these lemons into lemonaid.


              oOo babe im so sorry!! 🙁 that made me cry! im so proud of you for making the right decision and i know it must be so hard to have gotten excited and then had such a let down. now you have a second chance and can get a better guy than that b/c that was a real butthole thing for him to do. good luck and i’ll pray for what you still have to go through!



                I can’t see the keyboard, I’m crying that hard. I can’t even begin to know how you feel about this. It also seems like you’re taking a negative situation and using it to better yourself. That takes not only desire and courage, but some MAJOR cahones.


                He was CHEERING?!?

                That’s what makes me angry.
                But i’m not going to say the typical "you’re so much better than him, you don’t need him" stuff all us girls say to each other. Just this.

                You are my hero. Plain and simple. <3


                  I feel so sorry for you . It would be hard to see the screen and continue to watch ur tummy grow. I’ve never heard of that happening before but i pray that when the time is right, you will have a beautiful healthy little baby in your arms. I’m glad that you stood up to your boyfriend.

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