bleeding.. help!

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    Krys Tee

    im 6 weeks pregnant and i started to bleed this morning..nothing heavy..just very, very light.. i called the doctor this morning, but shes going to call me back. I just figured id ask you girls while i wait..

    what could it be??

    any opinions ..?

    thanks.. 🙁

    Sarah Hoenig

    Wish I was a doctor to be able to tell you for sure! But if it is not too heavy, then try not to be too worried, cause that could make it worse! Just keep on thinking positive and pray for your little one! Hope everything goes well!!

    Rachael Dorman

    it could just be implantation bleeding.. where the egg attaches to the uterus.. nothing to worry about.. but i could be wrong.. who knows.. but i dont think it’s something you have to stress about.. wait for the call and see what your doctor has to say.. hopefully i helped a little bit.. keep me updated.. ok? thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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