bleeding gums

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    hey do anyone know if bleeding gums is a sign of preg

    Ashlie Gifford

    Yeah it definetly is x I was reading a pregnancy book last night as I think I could be pregant too. x Good Luck if you are .

    AnGeL VaRgAs

    yeah…but i dont think that happens at the beggining of the pregnancy. More like at your 2nd tremester;)

    Autumn Simons

    i think i might have read some where that your gums could bleed latter in pregnancy due to increased blood volume

    Kailey Williams

    i dont think its a "sign" because it doesnt happen til a little later. you probably just have sensitive gums or are brushing too hard. however, it does occur during pregnancy and is known simply as "pink toothbrush"

    Alyssa Mainhart

    I’m not quite sure. I think so. Ive read that when your prego your gums bleed. Mine dont’ really bleed though

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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