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    Hey everyone! I’m 19 and was wonderin if anyone else is currently on nuva ring…it’s a birth control ring that you put in and take out of the vagina every 21 days.

    I had my son 8 months ago and before I was pregnant I weighed 116 pounds. I gained about 7 pounds in my pregnancy…my son was born at 34 weeks. Now after 8 months, I weigh 101 and have stayed that way for awhile. I started loosing the weight a week after he was born (I started using nuva ring 7 weeks after he was born also) and I’ve never experienced weight loss in my life.

    I eat regularly but don’t exersice even though my son keeps me goin a bit. The pamphlet symptoms don’t say weight gain or loss so I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced weight loss on nuva ring? Thanks a bunch!


    did that really work


    Sounds awesome, i hope i get back to my normal size that easily after my kid’s born 😉
    You’re weightloss may have more to do with your new baby than your BC
    ARe you really stressed out? are you depressed? are you eating right??
    Or maybe is your kid keeping your on your feet all the time??
    You might just need to take a little break. I wouldn’t worry about it though right away… unless you keep losing weight like crazy… then you should see a doctor because it might be a whole different health reason
    Take Care

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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