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    I am so annoyed! why does everyone seem to think teenage mums are such naive people i never see anything positive in the papers or on the news like how hard it is being a teenage mum but how we all seem to cope really well! i mean im only 23weeks pregnant but im worknig my butt off 24/7 i go to work for 7 hours each day monday saturday and sunday then ive got college every day tuesday wednesday thursday and friday! its not the easiest thing to do when im tired most of the time

    All so i can give my baby boy the things he needs when hes born, their always saying were not mature enough etc but if i can go to work and college and try and manage my money for my son then i think thats being pretty grown up!!

    i was just getting totaly annoyed by everyone tending to look down on me for having a baby so early had to let it out! 🙂


    I look at it this way… people always have to have someone to look down on, nag about, whatever… if they are not complaining about you/us then they are complaining bout something else!

    I think of it like this, I was 20 when I had my little man and so by the time he is in University I will still be in my early/mid thirtys instead of being fifty plus, so I will be able to still achieve alot later in life, instead of jet setting off around the world right now.

    Because we are teen mothers, we hate the stuff that is put through the media about teen-parentage – but if we have a look, older mums are getting it to at the moment, things about ‘to old to have a baby… etc…

    Its hard to ignore comments sometimes, but as long as you know you are doing the right thing, and that your baby(s) are happy then that is the main thing!


    I understand what you are saying. I am only 14 and imagine because of my age how many people look at me crazy. I am in Germany right now, with some of the most rudest people you could ever imagine running into! But this is just something we all have to deal with…I made the mistake of having sex so young and now I am pregnant. I do not care about the stares i get and the whispers behind my back, all I know is that I am pregnant and happy beyond anything! I am only in the 9th grade and still plan on finishing school. I do have everything planned out. I know that older people think we are stupid and made the worst mistake in our life, but they are not us, they have no idea what we are going through! Even though we are all pregnant teenagers, we are all different and live differently. We shoulldnt care about what other people say about us, so if I was you, I would stop worrying and beat myself up about that because there really is nothing we can do about it. It’s just people’s stupid opinions. All we have to do is prove them wrong, which you seem to be doing really well! : )


    I agree. As sad as it is, this is how society thinks. There is a perfect way to things. Get married after 25, when you have finished university/college and are working. Then buy a house, maybe a second, and then you can decide on kids. usually around 30; I know it’s not fair to put down teen mom’s efforts but it would be alot easier having children if we could fall into the perfect society image, dont you think? honesly.



    Don’t be so annoyed. The bad publicity is simply because there are so many others who haven’t shown the same amount of responsibility that you’ve shown. There are others who can’t get to grips with their situation and the baby suffers.

    Take these things silently in your heart and get strength from them. Truth is, many girls end up giving up their dreams because of their situation and they never realize their potential. There are just to many failure stories as compared to sucess stories.

    One of the girls here, one I really admire, is doing what you’re doing and she even speaks about teen pregnancy to other teens. She knows how hard it is and has taken the approach that 1) as much as possible, don’t have sex too early so that you don’t pregnant, 2) if you do get pregnant, keep the baby, 3) once you give birth, be responsible for your baby and 4) help each other out.

    I guess that’s what this site is about. A good number of us have had it rough and have made our mistakes early but it really is about how we’ve managed with our lives. Being a parent is hard, we know that, and it really boils down to how we grit our teeth and bear it all for our kids.

    Hey, I’m really proud of what you’re doing. That’s no mean feat. Trust me, the person who’ll eventually shut all those yapping mouths now will be the little baby you’re carrying. She’ll tell all those people to lay off her mom.

    Take care, sweetie.



    you’re exactly right. You hear about teenage mums blowing their money etc etc
    It only takes a few teens to tarnish it for the rest of us who do the right thing and care for our kids.
    When i was in hosp having my first, they looked at me like i was stupid when trying to breastfeed coz i was 19.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and good on you for working and still going to college.


    i agree, but i’ve noticed there’s nothing ever good on the news…like when i was living in wyoming and it was hunting season it was always this hunter shot a farmers cow and this hunter shot that hunter, there’s never this hunter was good and obyed the laws…that’s just the news..they like to put a spot light on the bad and never the good….besides the fact that i just turned 18 april 12th i look pretty young and i have pink hair, so when ppl see me they think oh that poor girl when i reality im married, my husband brings in almost $1000 dollars every two weeks, and we are very prepared for this baby….*sigh*….

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