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    I had to have back surgery!!! I had it Oct. 18 2006! My daughter was only 5 months old!!! I had to have a spinal fusion! They take two bones from your back and remove the disk in betwen and fill it w/ a replacement disk and then they take two rods and put them on the sides of the bones and put two screws in each rod!! My l4 and l5 bones in my lower back were 85% out of place….if they would have slipped any more i would have been paralyzed!….after my surgery i was in bed for 2 weeks i couldnt do ANYTHING on my own! Now i am 5 months out of surgery and i still cant sit for longer than an hour and i cant life more than 20 pounds! I still cant take care of my daughter by myself and it sux!! I miss being able to be her momma and its makeing me severly depressed!!!

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