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    sophia roses mummy

    four baby names i can not decide wich one!

    daisy louise clarke
    ruby louise clarke

    henry mathew clarke
    alex mathew clarke
    :huh: 🙂 i dont know wich one! 🙂


    Hmm those are all pretty, I have an idea.
    How about you keep those four names and then when you look at your baby you can decide which name suits him/her most. Usually people grow into their names but at least you could decide which one you think will suit them best. I have about 40 names for each gender that I have to go over with my boyfriend 😛 I just looked at all the baby names and picked the ones I liked which happened to be a lot! Haha good luck Gabby! Let me know as soon as you find out the gender!


    I love the name daisy for the know,like the flower,so pure, so beautiful!
    And for the boy I love alex..don’t know why 😀

    But if not sooner you’ll just KNOW when you will see your baby for the first time..
    I decided about the names before I gave birth..and when I saw them,I just knew it,I don’t know how to describe it,but you will feel it:)


    daisy and alex

    sophia roses mummy

    i also love the name sophia for a girl 🙂

    x finiding out the sex next thursday in 6 days! 😀


    I will help you by giving you the meanings, and when you see your little baby’s personality, name them according. 🙂

    Daisy Louise Clarke:
    [Day’s eye] [Fame and War] [Learner]
    Ruby Louise Clarke
    [Red] [Fame and War] [Learner]

    Henry Mathew Clarke
    [Home ruler*haha*] [Gift of God] [Learner]
    Alex Mathew Clarke
    [Defender] [Gift of God] [Learner]

    So, my favorite for boy would definately be Alex Mathew Clarke and Daisy Louise Clark for the girl. 🙂

    My little boy is named Caden Edward, which means Spirited Defender, which fits him perfectly. 😀

    sophia roses mummy


    i found out the sex of my baby today im having a little girl! 🙂



    I like Daisy and Henry 🙂 they are unique~~~!!!~~~


    What did you decide to name your little girl?????

    sophia roses mummy

    hello 🙂 well sophia is 6months old now and i decided sophia grace clarke 🙂

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