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    I am having a baby boy!! I just found out January 6th :)! I’m so happy! I am stuck on baby names. I am having such and issue because I want one that goes with my last name and is also cute… IT’S HARD. My ideas are Adam James, Tyler Scott, Tyler James and Thomas James. Give me your own favorites and also any that you’d think that I like.


    I guess you want a double-barreled name?
    Umm, heres a few ideas? :

    Jordan Taylor
    Taylor Reece
    Jamie Lee
    Nathan Tyler
    Aidan Taylor
    Aidan Tyler
    Adam Taylor

    Umm, thats all i can really think of for now. but the one’s you’ve come up with are real nice 🙂 x


    [i]Aww the names that you’ve already picked out are really cute! (: I can only think of one name but I’ll tell you anyway cause I’m like in love with the name for some reason :L

    Lyndon James (: I just think that it’s such a cool name <3[/i]

    sophia roses mummy

    congrats! 😀

    let us know what names you decide 😀


    Mason James

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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