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    AnaMaria osorio

    Hey I need help in choosing names for my baby it’s gonna be a boy;) could anyone suggest a name plez :cheer:

    carol wilson

    You can get baby name books or just google baby names too. I picked out the name Braydon for my baby boy. Is there a certain amount of letter you want the name to be? Do you want there to be a nick name? Is there a letter you want it to start with?

    Katerina Mik

    Well I like the name Alexander…hehe….
    I also like the name Amos, Blake, and Seamus. Don’t know why, but they’re the names that just sprung to my head lol.
    Oh, and Darragh as well, but that’s a really rare Irish name and I don’t think many peoples like it lol!

    Kerry Atkinson

    Go through magazines/books!
    Write a list down and think hard whether u REALLY would use it until u get down to only a few or u can have bubs and look at him then make the choice.

    ava cameron
    ava esperanza

    Here’s a list of my favourite names: hope they help 🙂

    thats all!!! did you have any in mind???

    Ariel Bowen

    If i ever have a boy ill name him Gabrian. i love the names Angelo, Martin, Yoel, Jordan, and Pharrel for a boy

    teresa berry

    if you need help finding bby boy names go on they have girl and boy names from a-z and it tells you the meaning and the language it came from!

    Kelseyy Taggett

    Brian Anthony is a wonderful name!! I love that name!!!!

    Terah VanDenHeuvel

    I named my son Aiden Thomas. I love the name Thomas but that’s my baby’s daddy’s name, so it would have gotten too confusing for me. lol. I also love the names Ethan and Cole.

    amanda mcdowell

    Im naming my baby boy romeoyo.But for some weird reason Irelly like the name samuel and the name timonthy.Hope that helps.

    Lacee Suitter

    If I ever have a boy, I am going to name him Parker James.

    But, then again.. it has to be a name that you like. I suggest looking up names online or in books, even.

    Congrats on the pregnancy!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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